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TUTORIAL: Delete printer drivers (Windows 7 included)

Since windows 10 is out, I’ve had a few times someone ask me how he or she could uninstall an old printer driver from windows 7 in windows 10. Before you continue with the tutorial, there is no difference in deleting printer drivers from older windows versions. Including windows 7..

To make it easy, I’ve made a general guide for every version of windows.

So, why would we even want to delete a printer driver? 

  1. The printer driver is corrupt.
  2. You’ve installed the wrong printer driver.
  3. The printer driver is causing errors inside windows.
  4. You’re running out of space and you still have your old printer drivers.

In the explanation below I explain step by step with screenshots how to uninstall a printer driver.

Remove printer drivers

  1. Go to start 
  2. Search for printmanagement.msc
  3. click printmanagement.msc
how to delete printer drivers
How to delete printer drivers
  1. Open printserver
  2. Click on your Printserver. Usually this is just your computername, but this can also be a print server in your network.
  3. Open Drivers
delete printer drivers windows 7
Delete printer drivers windows 7

Now you see all your printer drivers. Now Find the right printer to delete the print driver.

Click the appropriate printer driver! Otherwise you may have removed a printer driver that you still need.

  1. right click (the right) printer driver
  2. click delete
uninstall printer driver
How to uninstall printer driver

Select Yes to uninstall the appropriate printer driver.

remove printer driver
How to remove printer driver

If the problem is not resolved when the printer driver removed can it be that your printer itself is broken or corrupt. Please comment below for more help, or contact me at


This is a refurbished blog post. My old one named TUTORIAL: UNINSTALL PRINTER DRIVER has a 301 re-direct to the new one.

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