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FIX: There is a problem in Remote Web Workplace

OWA Service Unavailable with HTTP Error 503 | SBS 2008 OWA 503 error

There is a problem in Remote Web Workplace. A logon error occurred: There is a problem communicating with the Outlook Web Access server.

How to solve this problem

Quick problem solver:

  • Restart the ‘World Wide Web Publishing Service(W3SVC)’.
  • Restart the exchange services.
  • At last if nothing else works: Restart the whole server.

If none of this worked check out the microsoft support page for owa.

Explained problem solver:

Go to start and type in services as the image below; click on services.start-services

First try to find the ‘World Wide Web Publishing Service(W3SVC)’ service. Make sure you restart this one! See if this has solved your problem. If not continue to search for the ‘microsoft exchange’ services. 

Restarting the Microsoft Exchange active directory topology will restart ALL Microsoft Exchange services, BUT! Keep an eye open if every Exchange service restart. Sometimes it will give an error and a few services wont restart.

exchange services

If this didn’t help the best you can do is restarting the sbserver. You could also see the microsoft support page, but a restart is enough 99% of the time.

If you need any help leave a comment or contact me.

For more information regarding OWA: Wikipedia

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