FIX: Deployment and application do not have matching security zones

I ran into the following error message while downloading a content search within Security & Compliance in Office 365.

“Deployment and application do not have matching security zones”

Deployment and application do not have matching security zones
Deployment and application do not have matching security zones

This is a generic error for all Microsoft Windows Applications (CSharp). So if you’re here due to another download or installation this could also fix it for you.

Deployment and application do not have matching security zones FIX

There was quite an easy fix for me:
I downloaded the rapport in Google Chrome.
It downloaded to my downloads folder and from there I tried to open it. Because you already downloaded it, it will try use your default web browser. Google Chrome is my default browser but it cannot cope with it. It will show you an error because it’s not using Internet Explorers security settings. Firefox actually gives the same error.

You should try downloading the export in Internet Explorer. This will download the application directly in your browser and your export should be succesful.

This could be the quick fix for you, but if not I suggest you’d go to for more about this error.

Why would this not work from other browsers?

Like I already stated in the solution, Google Chrome, Firefox or any other browser does not use the IE security settings.
The application will try to check if your security zones match with his, and if there are no security settings it will throw in the error.

Many problems you encounter in while browsing can be solved by trying a different browser first. Every browser has it’s flaws and this is one of them for Chrome or Firefox.

Leave a comment if the issue keeps persisting. I will try to help you and see what I can do for you.
As I already recommended do not forget to take a look at:

TUTORIAL: disable shortcut home screen Android

As what have probably brought you here. When you install an application from the Google Play Store a shortcut is added to your Home screen. Is it Handy? I don’t know.. I’ll leave that up to you, but 9/10 times I do not want a shortcut on my start screen.

Tutorial: disable shortcut home screen Android

Lets follow the next steps to disable shortcut on the start screen.

  1. Go to apps
disable shortcut android
disable shortcut android

2. open Play Store

shortcut home screen android
shortcut home screen android

Click on the hamburger menu next to Google Play. See the image below:

shortcut android
shortcut android

4. Scroll down and open Settings

shortcut home screen Android
shortcut home screen android

Find “Add icon to Home screen” and uncheck the box.

disable home screen android
disable home screen android

The next time you’ll install an app it wont be added to your home screen. If you do want an app on your home screen open apps > hold the app and move it to the home screen.

The image below shows you how to add an app to your home screen.

disable shortcut android
disable shortcut android

Do you regret removing this option? Just check the box next to “Add icon to Home Screen

After you install an app from the Google Play store, an icon will appear on your home screen for you to easy access the app… but if you install quite a few apps you the apps will add up and eventually make your home screen full with apps you barely use.
With the steps I provided you can disable the shortcuts from automatically being placed on your home screen.