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NEWS: Does search engines see https SSL when a wordpress plugin redirects https?

Does search engines see https SSL when a WordPress plugin force redirects to https? 

I’ve been wondering about this question for awhile. I’ve got a cPanel at Godaddy and recently bought an SSL Certificate That I used on baswijdenes.com, but I have already created this website on http. So I found an plugin ‘easy https redirection‘ who does the job for me, but since it redirects you to https for every page you’ll go to http first.

You’ve got a wordpress subreddit on reddit.com; reddit.com/r/wordpress where you can ask questions or help with your wordpress content. I’ve asked my question on that subreddit.

The reddit thread; This is how it went:

Question: If a plugin forces https does search engines index http or https?

Detail: I recently bought a SSL certificate for my personal wordpress website. I’m using a plugin to force https, but now does for example Google still see it as http because the plugin redirects to https?

Answers | search engine see https

  • If you’ve added SSL for the purposes of search engine rankings and want to be sure about this, change the siteurl in Settings -> General from http://yourdomain.com to HTTPS://yourdomain.com. That way, you aren’t leaving this up to a plugin. WordPress will make every URL that it generates an HTTPS URL (including important ones like rel=”canonical” tags and so forth). /u/TheDavidJohnson.


  • Adding to what’s been said for changing the URL in the settings, it will help to ensure this is also updated in other software you might use, like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. For a period of time even after doing this, GA was still giving me warnings about inconsistencies, which I was able to fix by creating an htaccess rule to redirect everything http to its https counterpart. /u/MarioKnight.


  • Not sure about the plugin level but that would be the case if you force SSL at the server level with 301s.What if external links to your site are regular HTTP? In that case, Google would indexed that as HTTP. Is your plugin going to redirect the Google bot to the HTTPS version, when it follows the link?Is your plugin implementing forced 301s to HTTPS or is it only rewriting existing URLs as HTTPS? /u/r1ckd33zy.

They gave me some great advice, but unfortunately I couldn’t answer them in at least 10 hours so I left that behind.

This is on the plugin page; Doesn’t really say something about force redirecting 301s, but I think its that.

Only use this plugin if you have installed SSL certificate on your site and HTTPS is working correctly

After you install SSL certificate on your site, you want to use the “HTTPS” URL of your webpages.

You want to force search engines to index your HTTPS version of the webpage(s).

This plugin will help you automatically setup a redirection to the https version of an URL when anyone tries to access the non-https version.

Lets say for example, you want to use HTTPS URL for the following page on your site:


This plugin will enforce that so if anyone uses an URL like the following in the browser’s address bar: http://www.example.com/checkout

It will automatically redirect to the following HTTPS version of the page:https://www.example.com/checkout

So you are always forcing the visitor to view the HTTPS version of the page or site in question.

You can force your entire domain to be auto redirected to the HTTPS URL or selectively choose a few pages to be re-directed.

Force Load Static Files Using HTTPS

If you started using SSL from day 1 of your site then all your static files are already embedded using HTTPS URL. You have no issue there.

However, if you have an existing website where you have a lot of static files that are embedded in your posts and pages using NON-HTTPS URL then you will need to change those. Otherwise, the browser will show an SSL warning to your visitors.

This plugin has an option that will allow you to force load those static files using HTTPS URL dynamically.

This will help you make the webpage fully compatible with SSL.

  • Actions: Do an auto redirect for the whole domain. So every URL will be redirected to the HTTPS version automatically.
  • Actions: Do an auto redirect for a few pages. The user can enter the URLs that will be auto redirected to the HTTPS version.
  • Force load static files (images, js, css etc) using a HTTPS URL.


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