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TUTORIAL: SBS server log files taking space – Disk space full

SBS server log files taking space – Disk space full – C:\WINDOWS\system32\logfiles\

A costumer was complaining that the sbs 2003 server was responding extremely slow to tasks like opening a document or even opening a folder. I discovered that the C: – disk was almost full with only 300mb left.

So with this tool ‘treesize‘ you’re able to determine what is taking a lot of capacity. You can download this here. what I found with Treesize was that the logfiles in C:\WINDOWS\system32\logfiles\W3SVC1 & W3SVC4 were around the 8Gb in total!



I searched for the solution on Google and found out you can delete the log files if you’re not going to use them to see what’s logged.

If you’re never going to use the log files you could also turn this off:

1. Open IIS. Then right click on your default web site, and from the Web Site Tab, you can uncheck the “Enable Logging” section. Alternatively, you can slect properties and modify the path for these log files to an alternative location.

iis logging

2. Open Exchange System Manager. Click on Administrative Groups, Servers, <Exchange-db- name>, Protocols, SMTP and right-click on ‘Default Virtual Server’ and select properties. You can also uncheck ‘Enable Logging’ here or again, modify the path in the properties section.

exchange logging


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