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NEWS: Repeater vs Access Point

Repeaters Vs Access Points

So before we’ll start about what is better in which situation I’d like to explain in this post what a repeater and access Point is.


Repeaters are exactly what the name says. They repeat the Wi-Fi signal to reach spaces your router can’t reach. A repeater joins your network as a client to your router(no cable)  which means it will take bandwidth. That means if you have 10Mb bandwidth and you connect your repeater to your router you’ll probably lose +-1Mb. The repeater is a concurrent for your Wi-Fi network. With only a 10Mb Bandwidth you rather do not have a high tech repeater in your network.

Wikipedia on wireless repeaters.

access points

accesspointmodeAccess Points can also make your Wi-Fi range bigger, but they’re attached with a network cable between your router and the AP.  Which means it won’t be a concurrent for your Wi-Fi clients to share the bandwidth. The problem with and AP is that you’ll need a physical cable.

In buildings with existing network ports this isn’t much of a problem you can simply connect your AP to an area and patch it in your cupboard, but at home where you probably don’t have existing network ports having to rewire from downstairs to upstairs could be a problem.

Wikipedia on access points.

What should I choose? repeater vs access point

So, if you read both parts you’ll probably understand where I’m going. Both of them are useful. An Access point will have a better reliability, but can give trouble cabling. A repeater could be useful for situations like these, but they’ll take some of your wi-fi Bandwidth. If you have a 1Gb bandwidth and a 150mb repeater you wont notice the downfall in bandwidth, but with only a 10mb bandwidth the repeater will probably take 30% of your total bandwidth.

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