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FIX: outlook error not implemented

not implemented“outlook hotmail connector upgrade” outlook error not implemented

We we’re having this problem on a customers client computer. We tried installing the ‘hotmail connector upgrade (32bit)’ manually, but it still gave the  ‘not implemented’ error.

Disabling add-ins

We tried disabling all the add-ins for outlook 2010 since this is a recommended procedure. It didn’t help a lot tho.

Reset your srs file (send and receive settings)

On msoutlook.info they said you could also try to reset the srs file. Honestly I had never heard of this file so, thanks for that!

How to rest srs file (Thanks to msoutlook.info):

You can access your Send/Receive Settings via;

  • Outlook 2007 and previous
    Tools-> Options-> tab Mail Format-> button Send/Receive Settings…
  • Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
    tab Send/Receive-> button Send/Receive Groups-> Define Send/Receive Groups…

If pressing the Edit… button in that dialog doesn’t do anything, it is likely that your current Send/Receive settings got corrupted in some way. To recover you can rename the srs-file for that mail profile to .old when Outlook is closed.

Locating your srs-file

By default you can find your srs-file in the following location; C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\

Note: When you have multiple mail profiles configured in Outlook, you’ll have multiple srs-files in that directory; one per mail profile. They are named after your mail profile; <mail profile>.srs


Source: msoutlook.info

the solution for us

So none of the above worked for us. What you’re probably thinking now is why then why did you write all of the above? because maybe that could be solution in your case.

In outlook 2010 it gave an error that you had to upgrade the ‘hotmail connector‘. I tried upgrading it but the button doesn’t really do anything. It continues to say outlook will upgrade the ‘outlook hotmail connector‘ and that this process will take 15 minutes.

What I noticed inspecting his computer was that he had also installed Microsoft Office 2013.  Which means he has two Microsoft Office versions. After reading more about this I noticed with upgrading the ‘outlook hotmail connector‘ in outlook 2010 it will install the ‘outlook hotmail connector‘ in outlook 2013!

Solving this problem was easy after this; all you have to do is recover outlook 2010 in your programs.

Go to the control panel > programs and features >right mouse click on Microsoft Office 2010 > choose change and follow the steps:

Mine is in Dutch but it should almost be the same.



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