No kaspersky since upgrade windows 10

FIX: No kaspersky since upgrade windows 10

Do you have a device with Kaspersky you’ve just upgraded to Windows 10? Did Windows Defender become your default anti-virus? Than I’ve got the fix for you. 

Before we continue, what have we observed or found out?

  • Checking C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky you notice the directory is still there.
  • ‘Kaspersky’ is still listed in program files. How to notice: Search for: Control panel > programs > programs and features. Search for Kaspersky in the program list.

That means the software was probably not compatible with windows 10. 

Since the software is still there, your license is probably still encrypted inside of the ‘kaspersky directory’.

how to re-activate your kaspersky license | No kaspersky since upgrade windows 10
  1. follow this link
  2. Or copy paste ‘‘ in your browser.
  3. If it didn’t open ‘Free trials’, please click the free trials button (in your language)
  4. Search for the exact software package you have.
  5. Download the ‘free trial’.
  6. Install the ‘free trial’.
  7. After installation, re-start your PC.
  8. Load Kaspersky.
  9. Check in the bottom-right corner to see if you’ve more than 30 license days left.
  10. If you do you’ve just re-installed Kaspersky and your license has been accepted.

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