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TUTORIAL: How to forward emails in exchange

Why would I forward e-mails in exchange | How to forward emails in exchange

There are a few reasons why you would want to forward your e-mails in exchange: someone has quit, but you still need to read his/her e-mails; A holiday; Review their mails; Whatever… You probably have your reasons and that’s why you came to this post.

It’s possible to forward your mail in outlook, but when you close outlook or shutdown the computer no mail will be forwarded. So preferable is forwarding in exchange.

how to forward emails in exchange

Open the exchange management console.exchangemanegementconsole

Open ‘Recipient Configuration’ and click on ‘Mailbox’.exchange

Double click or right click > properties on the user you’d like to forward.rightmouseclickproperties

Go to ‘Mail Flow Settings’ and Double click ‘Delivery Options’.properties

Here you can add a Forwarding Address make sure you ‘apply’ the changes.


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