FIX: Missing icons on desktop Windows 10

I have no shortcuts on my desktop anymore, how?

I love a ‘clean’ desktop, but no shortcut on your desktop can be difficult. I use the desktop myself for a number of icons that I use on a daily basis. Unfortunately you came here because your icons disappeared.

They probably have not been removed. In the tutorial below, I explain to you how you can show the icons on your desktop.

Then where are my desktop shortcuts?

It is possible that you have used a key combination yourself that automatically hide the shortcuts on the desktop. (although I can not find which one that should be).

Go to your desktop and click on a random spot with the right mouse button.
Then go to View
Here you see Show desktop icons as last in the menu. If correct, it should not be checked at the moment. Your desktop icons should reappear after clicking Show desktop icons.

See the below screenshot for clarification.

My desktop icons are missing resolution.
My desktop icons are missing resolution.

Some more information for clarification on your desktop icons missing.

Microsoft has also made a tutorial for this at
Unfortunately, it does not come up first when you search for it.

See the tutorial here.

I got the error message by looking for new error messages at I came across this with a solution that was not completely correct for Windows 10.

See the post here.

If the information is already on the internet, then why do you make a tutorial?

I am no longer in the position at work where I encounter many error messages that users experience.
In order to still be able to use my blog, I now look at forums such as Answers, Techcommunity and other forums to update my blog. I use the error messages that people get to make new posts, if the answer is already complete I do not do anything with it. If I think the answer is not completely correct, or unclear, I will make a tutorial. I then link to the forum post.

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