FIX: Mail notification Identity synchronization Error Report

After configuring Azure Active Directory connect it will send you e-mails with Identity synchronization Error Reports. The reports show which active directory objects have sync errors. The Identity synchronization Error Report can be useful, but if you get one every 30 minutes I consider it as SPAM.

You cannot disable Identity synchronization Error Report e-mails. In the tutorial I’ll show where you can change your email address. Change the e-mail address to something legit for when you do need the reports.

Although most error report and notification are sent to the Global Administrators, the AADconnect Identity synchronization Error Report will only be delivered to the Technical Contact email address.

Mail notification Identity synchronization
Mail notification Identity synchronization

Log on office 365 management portal and open the admin center.

Create email blacklist Office 365Click on your company name in the right-upper-corner.

Identity synchronization Error Report
Identity synchronization Error Report

Here you’ll see your company information. Click on edit.

Identity synchronization Error Report
Identity synchronization Error Report

Update the technical contact e-mail address and click Save.

Identity synchronization Error Report
Identity synchronization Error Report


DirSync to sync your local on-premises Active Directory with cloud based services. dirsync is the easiest option to implement however it comes with less flexibility what you can change in the configuration and It doesn’t support multi-forest environments.

Azure AD Sync is advance version of DirSync, it support most of the functions of traditional DirSync, and adds extra functionality such as mutli-forest support and password write back. I recommend to use the Azure AD Sync tool because it’s more flexible then Dir Sync

Azure AD Connect is currently in Preview stage. It has many of the same features as DirSync and Azure AD Sync, its going to replace DirSync and Azure AD Sync and it has plans for many other features such as non-AD LDAP support.

Azure Connect is recommended for larger organizations that have greater flexibility requirements, it provides consistent experience in hybrid environments that may or may not entirely utilize Microsoft on premise solutions

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