FIX: Keyboard shortcut CTRL + C and CTRL + V not working

My keyboard shortcut functions are not working!

Most users use CTRL + C and CTRL + V, but if these do not work anymore, other shortcuts will no longer work either. For example, can you still use Windows + R to start Run?

These problems are often the cause of a corrupt keyboard driver.
In the tutorial below, I explain to you how you can make your keyboard functions work normally again.

Let’s make my keyboard shortcut functions work again.

In short: We’re going to the device manager to remove the keyboard driver, after a PC restart it should work again.

The longer version.

Go to Start and search for Device Manager.
Open the Device Manager and search for Keyboards.

Find the right keyboard, for me this is Razer Diamondblack.
Right click the driver and choose Uninstall Device.

Keyboard shortcut functions aren't working.
Keyboard shortcut functions aren’t working.

After restarting your PC, keyboard functions such as CTRL + C and V should work again.

How is it possible that my keyboard works without a keyboard driver?

We just removed the driver and you would say that your keyboard is no longer working. Fortunately, this is not the case.

If you have a separate keyboard, it installs a driver when you insert the USB into your PC. When you remove it and reboot your PC, Windows recognizes that there is no keyboard driver and installs its own default keyboard driver.This way the default keys will work.

Do you have special keys on your keyboard? Then I would look at the vendor’s website for the specific driver so you can use these keys again.
It is also possible that the driver is reinstalled after you plug the USB back into the PC.


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