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TUTORIAL: Change your password in Office 365

How to: Change your password in Office 365

I got a few messages from customers at work asking us to change their password. I really don’t mind resetting a password, but let’s be honest:

‘calling me > asking for a new password > resetting password > calling back’. Takes a lot longer than ‘resetting password’.

Since it’s more difficult to find for customers how to change your password in office 365 than I thought. I’ll create a tutorial.

Even though my office 365 should be in English it still shows some pages in Dutch. That means some of the screenshots are in dutch, but the idea is the same.

Lets begin:

1. Go to outlook.office365.com:

outlookoffice3652. Log in with your credentials:loginoffice3653 . At the right of your screen you have a gear. Click on it and click on the first option: ‘options for Office 365’.


4. At the left of your screen you’ll have a menu. Here you’ll have the option password. It’s almost at the bottom of the menu.

5. First give in your old password then Give in the new password twice.

Make sure you have a strong password which is at least 8-16 characters. Try to use special characters as #!@$  and combine uppercase letters. Or use a password generator.
changepassword3656. Click submit and voila your password has been changed. The next time you´re logging in use the new password!

I’ve also made a video:

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