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TUTORIAL: Change windows language

Yes, it’s possible to change windows language. Below I’ve made a tutorial with screenshots to change your primary language. I’ve also created a video tutorial for how to change your language in windows.

There is not much to tell about the languages packages in Windows except for that there are a lot of languages. Why would you change your language? We’ll why I changed mine is because I wanted to create tutorials for you guys :-)!

Some program’s or internet browsers like Google Chrome look at your windows language and use the primary language. There are websites that look at your browser language and set their content to your primary windows language.

Before you start commenting below, yes I know sometimes you’ll still see your old language. For example: when I shutdown my computer I see the text in Dutch.

Start change windows language

1. Go to start and search for control panel

windows language
Windows language

2. Click on ‘Add a language’.

change windows language
Change windows language

3. In this screen you can see which languages are already installed on your windows device. Click ‘Add a language’  to add a different language.

set windows language
Set windows language

4. Choose the language you need and click on ‘add’.

different language windows
Different language windows

5. You’ll see this screen after clicking on ‘add’. Your windows language is being downloaded and installed.

language windows
Language windows

6. Now you can see I’ve added ‘Afrikaans’ (I’ve got family living  in africa, maybe I’ll learn some ‘nederlands afrikaans’ if I put this language on primairy.

language windows
Language windows

7. If you press ‘move up’  the language will be on top and it will be your primairy language.

change windows language
Change windows language

8. Restarting the computer will change your primary language in the language you have on top of the list.

I’ve also created a video; How to change your language in windows:

If it is not working or you need more help, please comment below.

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