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TUTORAL: Change a windows 7 iso to any windows 7 version you want


Go to my download page to download the windows 7 ISO.

change windows 7 version

Since February 2015 Microsoft has changed their iso download page. Before you can downloading your iso you need to fill in the product key you got with your windows 7 license. It is kind of annoying, but it is what it is so I’ll try to help you out.

I will edit this post as soon as I know if I can upload the ISO’s to my FTP server, but for now I have a tutorial of how to change any windows 7 ISO into an all windows 7 versions ISO.

creating a bootable usb

rufusIf you know how to create a bootable USB you can skip this part

So we’ve got the ISO, but now we need a bootable USB for installing windows 7 on your computer. I used a tool called rufus download it here.

Too be honest with you I’m not going to explain how rufus works. It will open as an executable. It’s easy to understand how everything works.

I also made a screenshot:


Change a windows 7 iso to any windows 7 version you want

Now the bootable USB has been created we can start changing the windows 7 iso home to any windows we want.

Open the USB drive and go to sources:usb driveNow search for ei.cfg as you can see in the image:


You can open it with notepad and this is what you’ll see:

ei.cfg contentYou can change ‘home’ in any version you like, but you can also delete ei.cfg and you’ll have all of the avialable versions in your installation screen:

operating system install

Goodluck installing Windows! If you have any more questions please leave a comment.


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