FIX: Razer mouse randomly freezes

Since a few days my Razer mouse kept hanging when I lift it off my mouse-mat. Having a Razer mouse randomly freezes while gaming it f*cking sucks.. I searched for a solution on Google and found one at steam. I’ve only perfect-ionized his tutorial so all credits go to Steam user bladesmc.

I’ve created a tutorial with screenshots.

FIX: Razer mouse randomly freezes

Find the Razer Synapse app in start.

razer mouse freeze
razer mouse freeze

Lets first go to performance

Razer mouse randomly freezes
Razer mouse randomly freezes

Set the Polling rate to 500. This should be the default, but lets check if it’s on 500.

Now let’s go to Calibration

Razer mouse hanging
Razer mouse hanging
  1. Make sure surface calibration is enabled
  2. If you have a Razer mat choose the first option, if you have a different mat please choose option 2. Now follow the steps that are on your screen.
  3. This might also be a good one to know for future problems: “If you’re experiencing tracking issues, please manually reset your mouse by holding the left, right and scroll wheel mouse buttons for 5 seconds.
what is razer synapse 2.0?

Directly from their website:

‘Razer Synapse is our unified configuration software that allows you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer peripherals and saves all your settings automatically to the cloud. No more tedious device configurations when you arrive at LAN parties or tourneys, as you can pull them from the cloud, and get owning right away.’

FIX: Sorry we were unable to save your configuration Adsense WordPress

Have you installed the Google Publisher plugin for WordPress?

From their plugin page: “This plugin lets you place AdSense ads using a simple point-and-click UI rather than manually inserting snippets yourself. To insert AdSense ads without the plugin would first involve generating the AdSense snippet and then pasting the Adsense snippet into either the text of the site or directly into the PHP. Google automatically determines potential placements for AdSense ads, suggests an initial ad layout, and allows you to lay out ads on your site.”

Sounds great, except for when it gives you the following error code:

Unable to apply changes to your site. Sorry we were unable to save your configuration. The request to your server failed with error code 500.

Activating Google Ads in the Google Publisher plugin for WordPress will show the below image

Unable to apply changes to your site. Sorry we were unable to save your configuration. The request to your server failed with error code 500
Unable to apply changes to your site.
Sorry we were unable to save your configuration. The request to your server failed with error code 500

After that screen, you get the following screen

Unable to apply changes to your site. Sorry we were unable to save your configuration. The request to your server failed with error code 500
Unable to apply changes to your site.
Sorry we were unable to save your configuration. The request to your server failed with error code 500

Unable to apply changes to your site. Sorry we were unable to save your configuration. The request to your server failed with error code 500

have you installed the WordPress plugin WordFence? De-activate the plugin and try again to enable ads on your website.

It’s the Web Application Firewall feature that will prevent you from enabling ads. The Web Application Firewall stops you from getting hacked by identifying malicious traffic, blocking attackers before they can access your website. Powered by the Threat Defense Feed, it is automatically updated with new firewall rules that protect you from the latest threats. Even if you are running a vulnerable plugin or theme, Wordfence will protect you from being hacked by blocking attacks based on known and constantly updated attack patterns.

Please contact me if this is not the issue.

FIX: Mail notification Identity synchronization Error Report

After configuring Azure Active Directory connect it will send you e-mails with Identity synchronization Error Reports. The reports show which active directory objects have sync errors. The Identity synchronization Error Report can be useful, but if you get one every 30 minutes I consider it as SPAM.

You cannot disable Identity synchronization Error Report e-mails. In the tutorial I’ll show where you can change your email address. Change the e-mail address to something legit for when you do need the reports.

Although most error report and notification are sent to the Global Administrators, the AADconnect Identity synchronization Error Report will only be delivered to the Technical Contact email address.

Mail notification Identity synchronization
Mail notification Identity synchronization

Log on office 365 management portal and open the admin center.

Create email blacklist Office 365Click on your company name in the right-upper-corner.

Identity synchronization Error Report
Identity synchronization Error Report

Here you’ll see your company information. Click on edit.

Identity synchronization Error Report
Identity synchronization Error Report

Update the technical contact e-mail address and click Save.

Identity synchronization Error Report
Identity synchronization Error Report


DirSync to sync your local on-premises Active Directory with cloud based services. dirsync is the easiest option to implement however it comes with less flexibility what you can change in the configuration and It doesn’t support multi-forest environments.

Azure AD Sync is advance version of DirSync, it support most of the functions of traditional DirSync, and adds extra functionality such as mutli-forest support and password write back. I recommend to use the Azure AD Sync tool because it’s more flexible then Dir Sync

Azure AD Connect is currently in Preview stage. It has many of the same features as DirSync and Azure AD Sync, its going to replace DirSync and Azure AD Sync and it has plans for many other features such as non-AD LDAP support.

Azure Connect is recommended for larger organizations that have greater flexibility requirements, it provides consistent experience in hybrid environments that may or may not entirely utilize Microsoft on premise solutions

For more questions please comment below.

FIX: laptop goes to sleep while typing

I was having an issue for months now where my laptop goes to sleep while typing.

It was driving me crazy, but now I’ve found out why this was happening it actually made me laugh.

A few things I thought of what it could be:

  1. Outlook crashes?? And my laptop goes to sleep.
  2. I press a hotkey while typing.
  3. Windows 10 sucks?
  4. Dell laptops suck!?

I was able to use an USB keyboard without issues. At home I use a Razer keyboard and at work I could usually find an USB keyboard, but it was one of those Mondays again where everyone is at work and grumpy. I couldn’t find a keyboard so I my laptop went to sleep every 15 minutes…

I googled some, and probably the same as you: Laptop going to sleep while typing

I found an interesting article on the page.

especially this post from GHCMillard:

“I’m a computer repair technician and suddenly one day I started having the same problem, 9-12-2011 in fact.  I tried everything, reloading the computer, flashing the bios, changing all settings to never sleep, and none of them worked.  I was still having the same problem with my computer going to sleep in the middle of my typing, all random of course, i could type a paragraph or only a letter, and suddenly wham it would go to sleep.  I was very frustrated, so I sat down for an hour and thought about anything that had happened that day to try and figure out what might have happend.  I didn’t want to think the worst (bad motherboard).  It took me a bit but it finally hit me.  I had bought this pretty new braclet that day, one of those magnetic ones that are supposed to help with arthritis and carpol tunnel syndrom. 

As a computer tech i felt very foolish because as any of us in the field will tell you computers + magnet = trouble.  I didn’t think anything of it when I bought it and had already forgotten I was wearing it.  Bingo, took it off about 10 minutes ago and I’ve been typing like a mad woman every since.  No problems what so ever.  Just thought I would throw this out there in case you might just be wearing said kind of braclet.”

My lovely girlfriend bought me one of those Josh bracelet for my birthday! Problem solved woehoe!! an I issue I’ve been having for over a year! No more typing and laptop going to sleep…

Bracelet for reference:

laptop goes to sleep while typing
laptop goes to sleep while typing

TUTORIAL: Add subdomain to compatibility view GPO

If you try adding a sub-domain ( to the compatibility view in IE, you’ll receive an error and it will add the full domain instead.

This is probably not what you want because the rest of the website works perfectly without compatibility view.

There is a way to add the subdomain only to the compatibility view. In this tutorial I’ll explain you how we can Add subdomain to compatibility view.

What is a subdomain? 

Subdomains are extensions of your domain name that you can forward to URLs or point to IP addresses and directories within your hosting account.

What is compatibility view?

Directly from the Microsoft website:

Websites that are designed for older versions of Windows Internet Explorer don’t always display as expected in the current version. We addressed this in Windows Internet Explorer 8 by adding the Compatibility View function that allows users to “revert” to a previous browser version.

Examples of incompatibility issues that are addressed by Compatibility View include incorrect browser or feature detection. Today many sites use browser detection instead of feature and behavior detection to give Internet Explorer (IE) markup that is not interoperable with modern web standards. This can result in major functionality breaks on sites when rendered in newer versions of IE.

Compatibility View allows content designed for older web browsers to render well in newer versions of Internet Explorer. The Compatibility View (CV) List automatically displays the content of websites in Compatibility View without further interaction.

Let’s add your subdomain to the compatiblity view.
  1. Click start
  2. Search for Edit group policy
  3. open Edit group policy
Add subdomain to compatibility view
Add subdomain to compatibility view

We’ll have to open a view folders to reach Use Poliy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites.

  1. open User configuration
  2. open Administrative templates
  3. open windows components
  4. Open Internet Explorer
  5. Open Compatibility View
  6. Find Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites and open it.
sub domain compatiblity view
sub domain compatiblity view
  1. Set it on Enabled
  2. Click on Show…

    sub-domain compatibility view
    sub-domain compatibility view

Now add your subdomain to the list. I’ve added as an example.

add website to Compatibility View
add website to Compatibility View

Press ok & apply.

Your subdomain will not be added to the list of subdomains when added to a policy. 

The tutorial will only work on Microsoft Windows Pro or higher. 

TUTORIAL: disable shortcut home screen Android

As what have probably brought you here. When you install an application from the Google Play Store a shortcut is added to your Home screen. Is it Handy? I don’t know.. I’ll leave that up to you, but 9/10 times I do not want a shortcut on my start screen.

Tutorial: disable shortcut home screen Android

Lets follow the next steps to disable shortcut on the start screen.

  1. Go to apps
disable shortcut android
disable shortcut android

2. open Play Store

shortcut home screen android
shortcut home screen android

Click on the hamburger menu next to Google Play. See the image below:

shortcut android
shortcut android

4. Scroll down and open Settings

shortcut home screen Android
shortcut home screen android

Find “Add icon to Home screen” and uncheck the box.

disable home screen android
disable home screen android

The next time you’ll install an app it wont be added to your home screen. If you do want an app on your home screen open apps > hold the app and move it to the home screen.

The image below shows you how to add an app to your home screen.

disable shortcut android
disable shortcut android

Do you regret removing this option? Just check the box next to “Add icon to Home Screen

After you install an app from the Google Play store, an icon will appear on your home screen for you to easy access the app… but if you install quite a few apps you the apps will add up and eventually make your home screen full with apps you barely use.
With the steps I provided you can disable the shortcuts from automatically being placed on your home screen.

TUTORIAL: Add HTML to Android App

When you’re creating an Android App there is a high chance you’ll have to add html to android. For example a Help content or FAQ page. You can also use html in android, but you’ll have to add an assets folder in Android Studio (your project) before you can start using html in your Android Application.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how you add html to android app.


tutorial: Add HTML to Android App

Before we start; open your Android project in Android Studio. Or download Android Studio here.

  1. Right click on “app” in the upper left corner.
  2. Click New 
  3. Click Folder
  4. Click Assets Folder
assets folder android
assets folder android

Lets not change the Target Source Set unless you know what you’re doing.

  • Click Finish
html android studio
html android studio
  1. Right click Assets
  2. Click New
  3. Click File
add html to android app
add html to android app
  • Name your html file and add .html
add html android studio
add html android studio

Add your html content or copy your html file from your PC to Android Studio.

You can use the index.html file by adding the following code snippet to your

WebView view = new WebView(this);

For more Webview classes click here.

FIX: background recording is turned off XBOX

One of Windows 10 new features is the Xbox App pre-installed. With this app you can connect with your friends on the Xbox one, 360. You can also record your games with the Xbox app.

You’ve probably already seen the pop-up you’re getting everytime you start up a game. Use win + G to open the game bar. If you try this in an internet browser it will ask you if this is a game. See the screenshot below:

Background recording is turned off. turn it on and try again.

This tutorial is about an error you’re getting when you’re trying to record a game.

The error message: “background recording is turned off“.


Go to start and search for Xbox.

start - search xbox app

Now find the gearwheel at the left vertical menu bar. See screenshot below.

xbox settings

Here you’ve got different settings. Click on Game DVR.

Find the setting “Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR”

That’s the option you’ll have to enable.

xbox turn on record game clips

Did you enable the setting? if it’s still not working,  please comment below and I’ll look into it.

What is the Xbox App?

Directly from the Microsoft website:  ‘The Xbox App brings together your friends, games, and accomplishments across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. Stay connected to the Xbox Live community, see what your friends are playing, share game clips and screenshots, and view achievements across devices. Start party chats, launch into cross-device multiplayer with games like Forza Motorsport 6 and Killer Instinct, and stream your favorite games from Xbox One to any Windows 10 PC in your home while using your Xbox One controller.’

FIX: Chrome backspace not working

With the latest Chrome update the backspace button to go a page back isn’t working anymore. This is intended and Pressing backspace will show you the following message in the screenshot below, and this is also the solution. Press alt + <- to go back to your last page. 


Can i revert to the backspace key?

Yes you can! how? With a plugin:

Back to backspace (installing on own risk)

Why did Google remove the backspace?

Have you ever filled out a contact form and hit the backspace because you wrote your email address wrong? Did the website go a page back instead, and did you lose all your data? Well that’s why…

Google explains that 0.04% of the page views are currently triggered going back with backspace. 0.005% of page views are from users using the backspace key on a form page.

“Years of user complaints have been enough that we think it’s the right choice to change this given the degree of pain users feel by losing their data, and because every platform has another keyboard combination that navigates back.”

Why can I still use the backspace button?

Normally Chrome should update in the background when you close the app and re-open Google Chrome.  If you haven’t closed your browser in a while you might see the Chrome menu in the top right change colors:

Update Chrome A green menu means an update’s been available for 2 days.

Menu with update pending An orange menu means an update’s been available for 4 days.

Red menu A red menu means an update’s been available for 7 days.

To update Google Chrome:

  1. In the top right, click the Chrome menu Menu.
  2. Click Update Google Chrome. If you don’t see this button, you’re on the latest version.
  3. Click Relaunch.

The browser saves your opened tabs and windows and reopens them automatically when it restarts. If you’d prefer not to restart right away, click Not now. The next time you restart your browser, the update will be applied


FIX: disable wifi networks available notification Android

Turn off wifi networks available notification from your Android phone with this Tutorial.  

Have you ever been at a festival where is barely to no internet and you constantly get the Wifi Networks Available message, and you think it’s a text message from a friend? Yeah, me neither… anyway… The wifi networks available notification is still annoying as hell.

The notification:

Wi-Fi networks available

Open wi-fi Networks available


disable wifi networks available notification

It’s actually quite easy to disable this notification. So lets just begin with the tutorial.

Go to:

  • settings
  • Quick settings
  • click on Wi-Fi.

See screenshot below for reference.


Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner. After that click on Advanced.Screenshot_2016-05-24-15-15-07

Here you’ll have a few options, but the only one we need is Network notification.

“Receive notifications when open networks in range are detected”

Let’s turn that sh*t off by unchecking the box next to Network Notification.Screenshot_2016-05-24-15-15-16

And there you go. You’ve disabled Wifi networks available notification.