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TUTORIAL: Add subdomain to compatibility view GPO

If you try adding a sub-domain ( to the compatibility view in IE, you’ll receive an error and it will add the full domain instead.

This is probably not what you want because the rest of the website works perfectly without compatibility view.

There is a way to add the subdomain only to the compatibility view. In this tutorial I’ll explain you how we can Add subdomain to compatibility view.

What is a subdomain? 

Subdomains are extensions of your domain name that you can forward to URLs or point to IP addresses and directories within your hosting account.

What is compatibility view?

Directly from the Microsoft website:

Websites that are designed for older versions of Windows Internet Explorer don’t always display as expected in the current version. We addressed this in Windows Internet Explorer 8 by adding the Compatibility View function that allows users to “revert” to a previous browser version.

Examples of incompatibility issues that are addressed by Compatibility View include incorrect browser or feature detection. Today many sites use browser detection instead of feature and behavior detection to give Internet Explorer (IE) markup that is not interoperable with modern web standards. This can result in major functionality breaks on sites when rendered in newer versions of IE.

Compatibility View allows content designed for older web browsers to render well in newer versions of Internet Explorer. The Compatibility View (CV) List automatically displays the content of websites in Compatibility View without further interaction.

Let’s add your subdomain to the compatiblity view.
  1. Click start
  2. Search for Edit group policy
  3. open Edit group policy
Add subdomain to compatibility view
Add subdomain to compatibility view

We’ll have to open a view folders to reach Use Poliy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites.

  1. open User configuration
  2. open Administrative templates
  3. open windows components
  4. Open Internet Explorer
  5. Open Compatibility View
  6. Find Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites and open it.
sub domain compatiblity view
sub domain compatiblity view
  1. Set it on Enabled
  2. Click on Show…

    sub-domain compatibility view
    sub-domain compatibility view

Now add your subdomain to the list. I’ve added as an example.

add website to Compatibility View
add website to Compatibility View

Press ok & apply.

Your subdomain will not be added to the list of subdomains when added to a policy. 

The tutorial will only work on Microsoft Windows Pro or higher. 

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